iPhone Vs Android: Which Phone is Best For You?

If you need to buy a new phone, you might be wondering which phone is best for you. Well, at present, there are numerous options you can choose from and these include Android and iPhone. But, which do you think will serve you better? The answer to this question is a bit hard to answer as both have particular advantages.

Choices – Android Wins
If you are searching for many choices, it is Android all the way. With an iPhone, you basically have two options and these include the last year’s model or the latest one. Each year, Apple releases a flagship smartphone. When it comes to Android phones, many companies release Android smartphones almost every month. These Android phones also come in different sizes and you can choose any carrier you like.

Apps – iPhone Wins
Apple Store has a wide collection of apps and Android Market has lesser apps. Majority of the developers develop for Apple App Store first before people are paying for the apps than on Android. The main difference is in games because there are better games made available for iPhone than Android.

Adobe Flash – Android Wins
In terms of watching some videos on your iPhone, you can watch many YouTube videos. But, lots of videos are found elsewhere and they use Adobe Flash. In addition to that, a lot of online games are using Flash and if you enjoy playing these, you will have some difficulty. Android phones basically support Flash which only means that you can access such games and videos with the use of your phone.

Carrier – Android Wins
iPhone is available in different carriers, but if you want the lowest cost plans, Android phones are a good choice.

Ease of Use – iPhone Wins
You probably do not like to get a degree in technology related courses to use phones. While Android is very easy to use, it isn’t as intuitive as iPhone. An iPhone has simple elegance and Android powered smartphones tend to appeal more to people who are tech savvy. But, it really depends on one’s preferences. Just like with the computers, several people like Mac OS while others would stick on Windows.

The Verdict
While both Android and iPhone can offer you great features to use, the choice is still yours. If you are still confused with your options, you can try visiting a store near you and test both Android and iPhone. Depending on your personal preferences when it comes to phones, always take note of your needs because there are phones that are equipped with features for multi-purposes.

Aside from visiting tech stores, another thing you may do is by making comparison of phones online. Many websites publish reviews of different phones available in the market. Once you read reviews, you will be able to determine which would best fit your unique requirements. You can also ask for suggestions or recommendations from the tech experts to help you choose the best one for you.