Using The Internet to Promote Your Business

Prior to the internet business promotion was only available via traditional marketing methods. These included radio, newspaper and television ads. Thanks to advancements in technology, the internet now provides an abundance of ways to promote your business. The most profitable being paid advertising and SEO services.

Let's dig deeper into each of these business promotion methods and learn how to best use them.

Paid Advertising: Similar to paying for an ad in a newspaper, on the radio or TV in the offline marketing methods, online advertising works in the same manner. You essentially pay for a placement of your business advertisement somewhere that you know your ideal customer will be. Online advertising has benefits over offline as tracking can be incorporated to know exactly which advertising means is most profitable. With offline methods it is very hard to conduct this level of tracking as you never really now how someone heard about your business before they called you or came into your store.

To create a successful online advertising campaign you would first need to know what websites your ideal customers are using. Whenever in doubt you can always go with Google Adwords. Google is the most popular website worldwide so there is a very high chance that your customers are using it.

If you have a deeper understanding of your customers and you know specific websites they use, you can target those particular sites to place your ads on. This can be done via contacting each individual website separately or you may find an advertising network that already has ad space on a variety of websites in your industry.

Of course if this all becomes too much you could always go with an online advertising agency to manage your campaign.

SEO Services: Search Engine Optimisation is a the process of making tactical changes to your website layout, structure and promotion to help the search engines rank it for your targeted search terms. For example there is no point paying thousands of dollars for the best looking website if no-one can actually find it when searching for your company's products and services.

But just knowing this much is where many people go wrong. The idea that SEO is designed to help the search engines gives the wrong impression about SEO.

First and for most you want to optimise your website for your website visitors - the humans. Not the robot web crawlers. When people do the latter they end up with a website that may rank well for the short term but be hard to read and use for their actual human visitors. As Google and the other search engines get smarter these websites soon get recognised that they are overdoing SEO in order to beat the system and eventually they may get penalised.

That’s where an Search engine optimisation professional is most likely your best partner in utilising a successful SEO strategy.

While Paid advertising and SEO remain the most profitable means for promoting your business I'm sure you have better things to do with your time that researching how to do master these strategies. Like actually running your business! In that case the most efficient use of your time would be to find a reputable online marketing company that provides both of these services. While this article is a broad overview of these strategies an experienced marketing and advertising agency will be able to dig deep into your actual situation and provide the best possible marketing plan to achieve the best success.