When the Machine Replaces Human Technology & Change Human Life

Long ago, mankind had a long history of applying automation technology. Ancient Egyptians invented a water-powered "water bell," ranking the world's most accurate timepiece throne for two thousand years, is the human record of the application of automation technology at the beginning.

Here’s the Top 3 technology that are or have changed the world

They looked through research databases to locate the best patent fields with the most innovations containing a need date of 2012 or later.

Better comprehension of the human genome Because of a superior comprehension of the human genome and hereditary changes, specialists and researchers will be better ready to distinguish and avoid ailments like dementia and Alzheimer's malady. By recognizing hazardous DNA, researchers will have the capacity to create genuine innovation to battle the natural decay of one's mental limit.

Preventable conditions like Type I Diabetes

iPhone Vs Android: Which Phone is Best For You?

If you need to buy a new phone, you might be wondering which phone is best for you. Well, at present, there are numerous options you can choose from and these include Android and iPhone. But, which do you think will serve you better? The answer to this question is a bit hard to answer as both have particular advantages.

Using The Internet to Promote Your Business

Prior to the internet business promotion was only available via traditional marketing methods. These included radio, newspaper and television ads. Thanks to advancements in technology, the internet now provides an abundance of ways to promote your business. The most profitable being paid advertising and SEO services.

Let's dig deeper into each of these business promotion methods and learn how to best use them.

The Ever Increasing Rate of Technology Change

What a world that we live in today. With the abundance of information now at our fingertips, advancements in technology are happening at an alarming rate. But is the rate slowing down? Quite the contrary. The rate of technology advancements is actually growing in a positive way.

Ultrabooks: An Amazement of Laptop Technology Continually Improving

Intel additionally plans so as to add a voice-based expertise in its ultrabook platform later this yr. The plans of integrating wi-fi charging method into the ultrabooks have been confirmed by Intel. Thanks to the extremely succesful Haswell processor, touchscreen Ultrabooks perform reliably. However this function does add to the cost of the machine. Intel Chief Expertise Officer Justin Rattner may also take the stage to debate how Intel Labs is drawing up plans for a bright future.